Having Pride in our Appearance

Yes, like everyone else, I too have seen the “Walmart people” photos of people badly dressed. Recently I’ve seen a slide show of the very popular leggings that women wear, out of control. And then there are the yoga pants, not to mention the tons of flip-flops flapping against endless feet, both female and male. I also recently bought a new vacuum cleaner online from Walmart instead of driving to the store a couple of blocks from me because I couldn’t face what I know I would see. OMG!

I understand the concept of wanting to be comfortable. Unless you work for a downtown attorney, some CEO or the government, the tailored suit, hose and heels (for women) are not necessarily part of your workday attire anymore. It’s more like “nice casual.” That’s fine. But why do we wear exercise clothes or “reconfigure” a part of fashion meant to be worn in another manner…all of which pretty much turns out badly! I read once that Europeans can always tell Americans because we always wear sneakers. I personally don’t like sneakers and wear my over-the-top comfortable Clarke’s walking shoes. Just sooooo comfy!

Have we gotten so relaxed in our lives that we no longer care how we look? You don’t have to wash your hair on my account but at least put a comb through it. And please do invest in a full sized mirror…and use it! Turn around and check your backside before you leave the house. Are you ok with it or did you just gasp in horror? Yoga pants are for…Yoga. Leggings were put on the fashion market to be worn underneath a very long shirt or a short skirt, both of which end about mid-thigh; then the leggings take over. They were never to be worn on their own. I know wearing hose is probably old-fashioned, although I know countless women who still do (including me). Yes, one can say it’s hot in summer but there are very light-weight summer hose that feel like you’re hardly wearing any hose at all which still gives your legs a polished look, as opposed to the bare legs look…something I can’t stand. And wearing clothes that don’t fit or are so short that we see other areas of the body trying to escape…that’s just not caring how you look. Do we not respect ourselves anymore? Do we no longer have pride in our appearance?

Weren’t we taught to cover our mouths when we yawn? And brush our teeth after we get up in the morning? How about picking up our feet when we walk? I was at the San Francisco Airport in July returning home from my nephew’s wedding, when I noticed a young woman on the phone walking around and wearing flip-flops which made their signature snapping noise as they flapped against her feet. From what I observed, she seemed to wear all of this like a badge. I was at Walgreens the other day and some teenager was walking around in her big furry house slippers and dragging her feet to the point where I scowled at her feet! I have to admit, I do hair and makeup daily. Not stage hair and makeup but regular attention to my hair and everyday makeup to add some polish to my looks before I leave the house. Yes, I’m a professional person but I also look at this activity as basic grooming. Add fragrance to that as well.

Something else that has bothered me for years is seeing women with perfectly polished finger and toe nails. Obviously from the salon. But, NO makeup and wet hair. Now, what happened here? The first thing people look at when they meet you is your face/eyes, not your toenails! What does it matter to have all 20 nails done to perfection if you look like you just got out of bed!

And I do see people both adult and kids, wearing the worst clothes in the name of comfort. Not only do they wear their leisure pants that they probably sleep in but they also wear jeans and shirts that look like they dug them out of a ditch or from under a train. Seriously? Are we in a competition to see how badly we can dress and make ourselves look, and then present ourselves to society all the while hoping people will faun over us instead of vomit? Did pride in how we look, even when relaxing, take a train to nowhere? We look disgusting folks! We stink!

What makes me laugh is how you read about what big business the beauty industry is. That’s hair, makeup, skincare, etc. for anyone reading this blog that doesn’t have a clue. But to see humanity when you leave the house, you’d think the beauty business would be in deep trouble…bankruptcy even.

I know I can’t change the world. And people’s appearances will still disgust me on a regular basis. Call it what you will but I will still continue to make the effort. One thing it does for me, it makes me feel “finished” in the morning and ready to meet the day. It even makes me want to make the effort in other areas of my life. Yes, one “effort” does lead us to make others. So that’s where I am folks. And I think I look pretty good where I am. How about you? Are you happy with how you look when you leave the house? Better yet, do you care? Something to think about.

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