Snow and its Benefits

So today, Sunday, I had to cancel choir because of a 14-inch snowfall Saturday, the day before. I hated doing it but face it, if you can’t dig yourself out in time to get to Church then you can’t dig yourself out in time to get to Church. If the snow had ended about 3 hours earlier on Saturday, I could have prepared the car in the evening. This previous sentence is a useless thought. Although the congregation might have missed the choir singing their usual, beautifully, the weather cares not.

This brings me to the subject of cancelling a day of activities. The focus is shifted to the very basic digging of one’s car out of a snowpile in order to drive to the corner to get coffee, and give the plow a chance to clear the snow so one can park when one comes back with that coffee. When this type of situation occurs, which can actually happen a few times during one winter, you find yourself with a cancelled routine and have to fill that day with new stuff, sort of ad lib.

It also brings to mind people, namely, the neighbors. My friend and her husband were digging out their SUV when I arrived on the scene to start the process with my car, and they immediately followed me to help shovel the 3 ft of snow behind my car so I could get out and the plow could finish the job. It’s like that in these situations. People help each other because we all could use a hand. People make light of the situation and at some point, the drudgery of yet another pile of snow to shovel becomes a funny, neighborly “we’re all in the same boat” event. That’s so nice. And then we go on to others who are looking to clear their cars and parking spaces, and so on and so forth, all the while smiling and offering what help we can. The snow situation becomes somehow therapeutic.

Now you’re done and inside with that cup of coffee, and you have this day you just cancelled, which means you have this time to fill. Hmmm…all day TV? Boring. Facebook is only so interesting for only so long. Writing a blog as I am doing? Better. Time to clear some clutter out of the house? Now we’re talking. We find time for ourselves to clear our minds, even if it’s in the form of old newspapers or filing Christmas concert music (me being a musician). We end up doing for ourselves. And it’s the impromptu creative process not the daily routine that makes this task fulfilling. Even if we don’t finish everything. Again, this snow situation becomes therapeutic.

I have become so full of jobs and routines in my life that I find myself and my mind going faster than a speeding bullet! When something happens, like weather, I have found myself in the past thinking “oh no, my routine is upset and I will be behind or worse yet, have to cancel something.” The panic sets in and we are just so upset at that snow we can’t control or whatever the case may be. God forbid we have time on our hands! Lately though, I have started to just accept the setback, if it even IS a setback, and deal with it, and try to use that now freed up time to do something for me, even if it IS watching boring TV and relaxing. This has made me a happier person. I think it makes all of us happier people. Again, these “situations” have become therapeutic.

So what’s the moral of this blog story? Me (you). We fill our lives with stuff…necessary stuff indeed! But we do have to carve out some time for ourselves in order to fill ourselves internally, and make ourselves feel full which makes us feel accomplished. We need to clear our thoughts, clutter, feelings that we have to do the same routine or else…nothing can ever change. We need to be excited inwardly…blissful…that we have stolen some time for ourselves and can now do exactly what we want for us, even if the snow and terrible roads do have something to do with it. ha! The weather situation, in this case snow, has truly become therapeutic. Who knew?

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