Yes, this is an article about people. And it comes on the heels of the newly installed republican President Trump, and some of his Executive Orders. Apart from the fact that previous presidents signed numerous executive orders shortly after their inauguration, the democrats, aka “those who lost the election,” are panicking and running around like Chicken Little…”the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” And now, with his temporary, yes temporary, ban on people from certain countries entering the US, temporary meaning 90 days, the uproar is worse. This is not only what I personally never expected from the dems/libs but it’s also highly hypocritical. They complained enormously when Trump said he “may not accept the results of the election if he loses.” Yet now, the opposite is true and quite troubling. Plus I have had the misfortune of being drawn into arguments on facebook where I’ve been insulted and at one point, unfriending a long-time friend. I felt bad about that but he started insulting me, which made me feel worse. I won’t be insulted for my opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinions and voice them but this has become a real problem since it’s such a heated situation.

Our country was going and going in one direction for a number of years, what many including myself felt was toward socialism and the death of our American values. Other countries, especially those that mean to do us harm (Iran, etc.) have lost respect for us if they ever had respect for us in the first place, there is an increasing threat from radical Islamic jihadists who would do us major harm, and people are tired of this. Plus the previous president, Obama, ran our national debt to an horrific trillions of dollars. Needless to say, if you are a born and bred “Yankee” you are deeply concerned about our wonderful America.

So people take a right turn and elect a president that is not going in the same direction that we have been going. He reverses the trend. He wants to reclaim the America we all know and love. I have read oh so many times that if you want something different in your life you have to do something different. So. This is what our new president is doing. And those that were not in favor of him are now hollering and screaming and panicking and insulting people and running around acting like fools over a “perceived” injustice that frankly hasn’t happened yet. Folks, nothing has happened yet. Some people legally in the US have been initially detained at a couple of airports but that should be cleared up as this executive order is clarified and put into action properly. And again, it’s a temporary situation.

What therapists say about situations like this is that the necessary change has been made. But those that don’t want to accept it act in ways, threatening as well, that say “change back.” This is what is happening right now in our country. People are so afraid…afraid that they may have to change in order to have an ultimately better life. Many people of course just have another agenda that is detrimental to our country. Premature protests have taken place again, toward a perceived injustice. Yet many of the people protesting don’t have a clue why. And many of the operatives organizing the marches are being financed to do so. What is the agenda for that? Intentional hell-raising which leads to intentional havoc? In short, our we being really honest about what we want? Or are we just trying to cause trouble because we disagree with some initial procedures.

Change in our country’s direction is necessary right now. And as I’ve said many times in the past, the Spirit has moved. It’s all over but the kicking and screaming. Amen to that!

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