Situations and People

In life we all must put up with people and situations we find ourselves in with each other. But I am totally fed up with drama queens, people who connive behind someone’s back, people who cause trouble for you in your job, and especially people who blind-side you. What is wrong with people that they can’t approach you and ask to have a conversation?

This is particularly true in one of my music jobs, choir director to be blunt. I’m faced with choir members hell-bent on having things the way they used to be, not embracing any type of change, who have engaged in backstabbing and sabotaging, who since I arrived 5 years ago, have been in my face more than less, and are still working behind my back to get their way and influence others in the church to their cause. Now to be fair, they treat the priest the same way and anyone else who gets in their way.

Of course, the obvious comes to mind…”who died and left you boss?” And over the past few years there have been numerous atrocities committed to achieve their goals of getting what they want or, sadly to say, just to sabotage our efforts because again, they didn’t get their way. Yes, these are adults we’re talking about and they have families and children. Interesting isn’t it.

I have some rules for myself starting right now! I am a professional musician so that is my area of expertise, voice especially. I have been in administration my whole work life as well so I have expertise in that area. I’ve been officially working for 45 years, maybe more. So. Please respect me or we’re through. Do NOT try to sabotage my efforts or connive behind my back for your warped cause, or especially, blind-side me to confuse me and make a damn fool of me because YOU have issues. Any issues or drama you bring to the table are yours, not mine. Keep them. Eat them. Whatever your fancy. But leave me out of your issues. People I know and love and have good relationships with don’t treat me like that and neither do I. We talk and respect each other and know we aren’t going to get our way every time. In short, we’re adults. If you would like to be like us, please take this advice and grow up. Easy, isn’t it?

So that is my short and sweet rant. I feel better already.

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