Obviously from this website, anyone who reads this is aware that I am a professional musician, voice being my field of expertise. I, like many of my musical peers, have been at this most of our lives, usually since childhood/teenage-hood. We have years of experience and expertise that only gets better as we evolve throughout our lives as musicians.  This leads me to another aspect of what we do.

As with any profession, one needs to work where one is actually appreciated and given the recognition of sorts, that one has expertise in their field, tons more than the average person who has hardly ever studied the subject in which you have a Master’s Degree.

To that end I am throwing this out to the world-wide community. You owe it to yourself to work in an environment where you are accepted for who you are and the gifts/knowledge/expertise you bring to the table. Otherwise, the obvious, why work there? And it makes perfect sense. How else can you achieve what you want or brainstorm new ideas if people are fighting your knowledge in the first place? I always say, if you didn’t go down the path in life that I did and therefore don’t understand what I am doing, that’s ok. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It just makes you a person who didn’t go down the path that I did in life. And to be fair, I didn’t go down your path. So when it comes to working together and understanding, we give and take according to our expertise on whatever subjects. If I’m the hired musician for the place, then I make the musical decisions and provide guidance in that area. Someone else provides guidance and makes decisions in another area. And so on and so forth.

So this is a sort of pep talk to all of us. One of the most important things you can do for yourself in life is work in an environment that treats you with the appropriateness that you deserve in relation to your area of expertise in this life. Easier said than done, right. But when one finds oneself in a situation where you were hired to provide such as you are able and others defy you left/right/center 24/7, then what? Yes, you can try to make it work for a period of time and see if you are able to move the situation forward. But who wants to argue daily or so about who’s in charge, who knows the best, who is just plain acting stupid or stubborn or belligerent (add your own here) and then work with a peculiar “divide” in the group because all parties won’t be honest with themselves about their own lack of knowledge on said subject (aka…none). It does not reflect badly on you if you decide to quit and look for a situation, or make your own, where you can work on the level and in the environment you feel is right for you.

People like us who are our own business, have to reinvent ourselves all the time. That’s what I call it. Regroup, rethink, look at what the current push is in order to promote ourselves a bit differently and set up our appropriate work environment in a manner in which we can utilize current culture…and relate to our targeted audience/clients. We have to move in a forward direction toward fulfillment and not keep getting dragged back to the stone-age by those who are horrified by the thought of change and/or just want their way…because. We need to get ourselves out of toxic work situations and avoid toxic people as best we can. We owe it to ourselves (see par. 3, line 1). We owe it to our reputation, which is hard-won, and our own well-being.

So there. Another one of Ev’s music speeches. It wasn’t really on voice this time. It will be the next time though. I’ve been saving up some atrocities I’m going to have to rant on sooner or later. In the meantime, carry on!

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