Hello!  Welcome to my Singer’s Blog.  I am Evelyn Virginia Sophia Czaja, mezzo-soprano.  I am a performer, voice teacher, stage director, piano teacher, choir director, modest organist and budding clarinetist.  I am also an Avon representative and trained makeup artist, and I have been known to build furniture.  Check out my website for my full music resume: www.evevoicestudio.com.

I started this blog to post advice about singing.  I have lots to say about singing as I have been engaging in the act of being an opera singer for about 40 years, and a voice and piano teacher for 25 years.  I have also started my Philosopher-Eve series of musings about being an honest and noble person of dignity.  We lack moral conscience in society today.  Not that I am the moral police and will fix the world but I do have definite ideas about being honest and living a good life.

So look around and see what interests you especially if you are a serious singer.  Comment if you like.  Only legitimate comments are welcome, and no profanity.  This site is a work in progress so visit as often as you like and hopefully something new will arise and peak your interest.

Thanks for visiting!


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